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OVO Energy is a major energy supplier based in Bristol, England. It was founded by Stephen Fitzpatrick and began trading energy in September 2009, buying and selling electricity and gas to supply domestic properties throughout the UK.

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Desynit : Senior Solution Architect, Michael Spencer

I had the pleasure of working closely with the Software Everything Ltd Technical Lead on this complex and challenging project for a big 6 Energy Supplier.
Their Technical Lead consistently demonstrated an exceptional level of diligence, hard work, and dedication throughout the project. His technical expertise in Salesforce development was evident from the start, and he quickly became an indispensable member of our team.
What sets Software Everything staff apart is not only their technical proficiency, but also commitment to delivering high-quality solutions within the established timelines. Their Technical Lead consistently went above and beyond to meet project milestones, often working extra hours to ensure that deadlines were met. In addition to their technical skills, it was a pleasure to work with them on a personal level.
Their staff are personable, collaborative, and communicates effectively with both technical and non-technical team members. Their Technial Lead was able to adapt to changing requirements and was always willing to assist colleagues, helping to foster a positive and productive work environment.

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